About us

Informations sur la société

Nom de la société : Japan Kneader Co., LTD.
Président et chef de la direction : Haruo Ichikawa
Industrie : Fabrication de produits alimentaires / Développement de matériel, fabrication, vente, service
Création : mai 2008
Adresse : 3001-3 Kuzuhara, Fujisawa-shi Kanagawa, 252-0822 Japon

  • ISO9001

  • CE declaration

    Dough Sheeter RS101
  • CE declaration

    Dough Sheeter RS201
  • FCM declaration

    Dough sheeter RS101
  • FCM declaration

    Dough Sheeter RS201
  • *As a part of a Dough Sheeter set, our Sheeter Boards are also CE certified products.

Sustainable packaging for our future!

All packaging materials of RS201 are now 100% recyclable and eco-friendly!

Styrofoam has been eliminated from our packaging and replaced with paper pulp molds.
Our packaging is durable and suitable for international shipping.

We will be continuously working towards a sustainable environment. 

Our products

Our Dough Sheeters are popular all around the world.
Their structure is simple, but unique. Compared to the other commercial dough sheeter models they are compact and convenient to use, even in small spaces.

Our Dough Sheeters are assembled in Japan and checked carefully before delivery.
We are making sure our quality standards are met with all the products.

Our Dough Sheeters do not require electricity and are operated manually - They can be used on any flat surface, no need for a power plug nearby.
Using a manual dough sheeter not only allows for better adjustment of the dough, but also saves electricity.

We recommend our Dough Sheeters both to home bakers, who want to bake quality pastries inside the home kitchen and professional bakers, who would like to achieve new level of excellency in their products.
Try our Dough Sheeters and expand your baking possibilites!