Dough Sheeter RS201

Larger than RS101, RS201 offers enhanced capabilities while maintaining a compact footprint. Its foldable design ensures it occupies minimal kitchen space, making it an ideal choice for both home bakers and professional bakery owners seeking to elevate their baking efficiency and quality without investing in a large commercial sheeter.


・Can be used on any flat surface

・Easy to set up and take apart

・Manual operation (no electricity is required)

・Roller is detachable and easy to clean

・Recommended amount of the dough at a time is ~1000g

・Thickness adjustable range 0 ~27mm

・Made in Japan

Sheeter Board


Designed to be both lightweight and spacious, the SB-01 Sheeter Board is akin to the SB-03 but tailored specifically for the RS201 Dough Sheeter.
It's the ideal choice for those seeking a lightweight board that still provides ample support for efficient baking. With a capacity to roll up to 600g of dough at a time, it ensures smooth and hassle-free dough preparation.

Sheeter Board


As the longest available Kneader board, the SB-04 boasts a sturdy and uniquely designed three-layered structure that maintains its shape even after prolonged use. 
Its larger size and robust build allow for the efficient rolling of larger quantities of dough, making it the optimal choice for bakery use. With a capacity to roll up to 1000g of dough at a time, the SB-04 ensures efficient and seamless baking operations.