Apple Pie

Apple Pie

Ingredients (make 1 whole apple pie)

*You can make small pies with the leftover dough.


Strong flour         (50%)   75g 

Cake flour          (30%)   45g

Armond powder     (20%)   30g

Butter              (60%)   90g

Granulated Sugar   (15%)  22.5g

Water              (30%)   45g

Total dough weight:  307.5g




If you are not sure how to use RS101, please check the videos on our YouTube channel.


Prepare the apple fillings:

Cut 3 apples and slice into 2-3mm slices.

Stir 100g of sugar and apple slices in a heated frying pan until it gets brown.

Add vanilla paste and cinnamon powder to taste.

Cool fillings enough before adding on the pie dough.


1.Mix up all ingredients until it fully combined.

*Make sure not to mix overly. 

Shape it into the square, wrap it up with plastic wrap, and chill it in the fridge overnight.


2.Set the Upper Roller just above the dough and start rolling out.

Change the thickness gradually and keep rolling out the dough until 5.0 mm.

Flip the dough upside down to prevent it from sticking to the sheeter board.
Flour the sheeter board and dough as needed.

3.Once rolled, trifold the dough and then roll out again.

Trifold and wrap it up, and refrigerate it for 30~40 minutes.


4.Repeat step 2-3 for two times.

 5.For the last lamination (sixth fold), roll out the dough until 2.5 mm.

Wrap it up and refrigerate it for 50 minutes.


6.Transfer the dough to 18cm (7″) pie dish and press the dough into the pie dish, careful not to tear the dough. Press over the pie dish with a Roller pin to remove the excess dough. Pique the dough using a fork.

7.Spread the crushed biscuits and then spread the apple slices. Mound the apples in the center.


8.Weave a lattice pattern over the top. Brush egg wash on the top.


9.Bake at 200℃ for 40 minutes.

* Depending on the type of oven, time and temperature will differ.


10.Remove the pie from the pie dish. Serve, and enjoy!



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