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Additional Sheeter Board for RS101

Additional Sheeter Board for RS101

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Sheeter Board

There are 2 types of Sheeter Boards for RS101.

Select the appropriate Sheeter Board for you.
Note: This page is only for those who wish to purchase the Sheeter Board. You need RS101 to have a complete set. 

<The difference>

SB-03 is lighter than SB-05, it is reasonable and easy to carry.
The recommended amount of the dough to be rolled at a time is about 300g.
SB-05 is 10mm longer than SB-03.
Three-layered structure with two polypropylene layers and one polyethylene layer in between, which makes it sturdy and rigid. 
The recommended amount of the dough to be rolled at a time is about 500g.

*Tax and shipping fees are not included in the regular price

    Use HS code to find out how much import duty/customs tax will cost.
     SB-03/SB-05: 392490
   You have to pay any other taxes and handling charges incurred in your country.


* To ship to Europe, Norway, and Switzerland:

  The EORI number is required if you are a business recipient.
  VAT(TAX) ID may be required for shipments to individual customers.


※SB-03 and SB-05 cannot be used with RS201.

※Always wash or clean the Sheeter Boards after use.




Product dimension
SB-03: 600x300x10 mm
SB-05: 700x300x10 mm

Packaged dimension
SB-03: 660x365x25mm
SB-05: 785x395x30mm


Product weight
SB-03: 0.5kg
SB-05: 1.2kg

Packaged weight
SB-03: 1.0kg
SB-05: 2.2kg


・We ship the products within 4 business days with UPS by air from the day we confirm your order.

・We will notify you of the tracking number on the date we arrange the shipment.

・It usually takes about a week to deliver after shipment.

Cancellation policy

We do not accept cancellation and returns after shipment.

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