One-year Limited Warranty

We provide a one-year warranty for replacement parts when;
① Dead on arrival: Products are damaged/ defective on their arrival
② Initial failure: the products stop working properly within a year after the date of shipment

We warrant sheeter board when;
Dead on arrival: Products are damaged/ defective on their arrival

The below conditions apply to RS201/RS101/PF102W and SB-01/SB-03/SB-04/SB-05

*This warranty does not cover incidental damage, malfunction, and failure arising from;
1. improper use, maintenance
2. accidental drop
3. a natural disaster
4. unauthorized/unprofessional repair, modification, or customization
5. using a transformer (PF102W)

*This Limited Warranty does not cover the products purchased from sources other than Japan Kneader Co., Ltd.


How to claim;
For inquiries about replacement and warranty please fill out the form in the contact tab and provide:

・order number

・the serial number* of the product

・an explanation of the cause


We may also ask you to provide:

・photos of damages

・tracking number

After we have enough information from customers, we warrant and ship replacement parts to a designated address.


*Serial number is written on the bottom of the product, or the instruction manual.


Note: We do not accept any cancellations and return for personal reasons after shipment