An Doughnuts


Ingredients (to make about 21~22 buns)

Strong flour            (70%)   420g

Cake flour              (30%)   180g

Sugar                       (8%)    48g

Instant Dry Yeast       (1%)     5g

Skim milk                 (4%)    24g

Salt                         (1.6%)   10g

Unsalted butter         (8%)   48g

Water                     (55%)  330g

Whole egg                (8%)   48g


Total dough weight : 1149g


*Sprinkle granulated sugar to give flavor to the dough as you need.

*About 500ml of vegetable oil to deep fry the doughnuts.





Before preparing the dough, be sure to start preheating PF102W at 30℃.

If you are not sure how to use PF102W, please check our YouTube video first.


How to use PF102W


1. Combine the dough ingredients and knead until the dough comes together.



2.  Place the bowl into the PF102W and proof it at 30℃ for 60 minutes.



3. Take out the bowl from the proofer and punch down to degas.



4. Divide the dough into 21~22 pieces. (about 50g per piece)

  Cover the dough with a wet cloth and rest it for 15 minutes. (Bench rest time)



5. Uncover the dough, punch down, and flatten the dough.

Place the red bean paste (about 30g) in the center of the dough and cover completely with the dough.


6. Place the shaped dough into PF102W and proof it at 35℃ for 50 minutes.


7.  Heat oil about a depth of 4cm in a large saucepan and heat to 180°C.

Deep fry doughnuts for about 2 minutes and flip them, then deep fry them until a nicely browned color appears. It takes about 5 minutes.


8.  Sprinkle with granulated sugar and enjoy!


For this time, we used the red bean paste and the sweet potato paste.

Fill with plenty of fresh cream to make it sweeter!

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