Vegan Burger


Ingredients (to make about 16 buns)

Strong flour         (100%)   500g

Sugar                (8%)    40g

Instant Dry Yeast      (1%)     5g

Vegan butter          (6%)    30g

Salt                 (1.6%)    8g

Soy Milk             (80%)  400g


Total dough weight: 983g




Before preparing the dough start preheating PF102W at 30℃. If you are not sure how to use PF102W, please watch our tutorial on YouTube first. 

How to use PF102W


1. Combine the dough ingredients and knead until the dough comes together.



2. Place the bowl into the PF102W and proof it at 30℃ for 60 minutes.

Take out the bowl from the proofer and punch down to degas, fold the dough, and put the bowl back to the proofer again to let it rise for another 30 minutes.


3. Divide the dough into 16 pieces. (about 60g per piece)

  Cover the dough with a wet cloth and rest it for 15 minutes. (Bench rest time)



4. Uncover the dough, punch it down, and roll out it.

Smooth the surface of the dough and pinch the back side of the dough to close a seam. Flatten the dough and place it on the baking sheet.


5. Place the shaped dough into PF102W and proof it at 35℃ for 50 minutes.


6. Once proofed, place the dough on the baking tray.


7. Bake at 190℃ for 13-15 minutes.

* Depending on the type of oven, time and temperature will differ.



8. Add flavor as you like and enjoy!

*We added carrot, radish sprout, tomato, avocado, and “Ganmodoki” (deep-fried tofu mixed with sliced vegetables).



★Wasabi sauce (Vegan Mayonnaise sauce)

Mix all the ingredients below and refrigerate for about 20 minutes before serving.

Rice oil                     50g

Soy Milk                   50ml

Salt                            1/2 teaspoon

Grain mustard              2 teaspoon

Maple syrup                 1 teaspoon

White wine vinegar    2 tablespoon

Wasabi                      1 tablespoon

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