Dough Sheeter

Have you ever imagined how much easier baking French pastries would be if you could laminate the dough perfectly every time?

While professional bakers have long relied on automated commercial-size dough sheeters, there hasn't been a solution for home pastry enthusiasts or those with limited kitchen space. Until now!

Our Dough Sheeter makes laminating dough as easy as pie... or should we say, croissant!

With Japan Kneader Dough Sheeters, the impossible becomes possible. Designed with the needs of home bakers and small bakery owners in mind, our sheeters are a breeze to set up and disassemble, usable on any flat surface. Plus, they're environmentally friendly, operating without the need for electricity.

Try our Dough Sheeter and unlock endless baking possibilities!

What is the difference between RS201 and RS101?

The main difference between RS201 and RS101 is the size and the amount of the dough that can be sheeted at a time. 

RS101: ~500g (2 types of boards are available, SB-03 and SB-05) 

 Thickness adjustable range 0 ~17.5mm

(Thickness adjustment: up to 5mm by 1.0mm, 5 ~ 17.5mm by 2.5mm)

■Disassembled and stored in a storage tote bag
■Compact size and easy to place
Recommended for home bakers


RS201: ~1000g (2 types of boards are available, SB-01 and SB-04)

 Thickness adjustable range 0 ~27mm

(Thickness adjustment: up to 25mm by 2.5mm, up to 2mm by 0.5mm)

■Up to 55 levels of thickness adjustment
Recommended for home bakers, bakeries, cafés and restaurants owners

RS201 measures 103 x 58 x 27cm when opened and it can be simply folded to a closed dimension of 30 x 47 x 11cm when not in use.