Strong flour       150g

Cake flour         100g

Salt                1 ½ teaspoon

Hot water         160g


Starch       (To prevent the dough from sticking)


Total weight: about 410 g (Yield: 24 pieces)



Ground meat (pork)              210g

Garlic chives           ½ bunch

Garlic                 a clove

Ginger                               a clove

Soy sauce                   2 teaspoon             

Cooking sake              2 teaspoon

Salt                             ⅓ teaspoon


Sesame oil (Pour into a frying pan before placing dumplings)


Dipping sauce:

Soy sauce, vinegar, chili oil, and any other seasonings you like.



RS201 / SB-04

If you are not sure how to use RS201, please watch our tutorial on YouTube.

How to use RS201


1.Combine the dough ingredients in the large bowl and knead well.

  Once the dough comes together, let it rest overnight.


2. Mix ingredients for fillings in the bowl.

  You can change the recipe for the fillings to make your favorite flavored gyoza.


3.Prepare RS201 and set the sheeter board SB-04.

  Place the dough in the middle of the sheeter board and start rolling out it.


4.Gradually roll out the dough until 1mm.

  Use Fine Adjustment Pin to adjust the thickness to less than 2.5mm.

  How to use Fine Adjustment Pin




  1. Cut your rolled dough circle with an 8 cm cookie cutter.

 Cover the excess dough with a plastic wrap and combine and roll it out with a dough sheeter. Sprinkle potato starch on each wrapper to avoid sticking to each other.



  1. Place 1 tablespoon amount of the filling in the center of the wrapper and wrap it while making a pleat.



  1. Pour sesame oil into a frying pan before placing the dumplings.

  Place the gyoza and cook over low heat for 20 minutes until the fillings are well cooked.

  Add more sesame oil to make the gyoza shallow-fried.



  1. Place the gyoza on the big plate and enjoy it with your favorite flavored dipping sauce.


* To prepare Japanese style crispy layered gyoza pour water-soluble flour after placing the gyoza and cook until the water evaporates.

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