Thin Chocolate Cookies


Ingredients (For 10 pieces)


Cake flour            240g

Butter               100g

Egg Yolk             2 (Medium size)

Granulated Sugar     80g

A pinch of salt

Cocoa powder/ Earl Grey Tea powder        9.6g

Chocolate bar (for the filling) 60~100g



Total dough weight: about 460g



RS101 / SB-05


 1.Mix all ingredients until fully combined.


**Make sure not to overmix.


Wrap it up with plastic wrap and chill it in the fridge overnight.


2.Set the Upper Roller just above the dough and start rolling out.


Change the thickness gradually and keep rolling out the dough until 2.0 mm.

Flip the dough upside down to prevent it from sticking to the sheeter board.

Flour the sheeter board and dough as needed.


3. Wrap it up with plastic wrap and refrigerate for about 60 minutes allow the dough to cool sufficiently.


4.Roll out the dough until 1mm.



5. Cut out the dough with the cookie cutter and place it on the baking tray.



6. Bake at 170~175℃ for 18~20 minutes.

* Depending on the type of oven, time and temperature will differ.


7. Melt the chocolate bar while cooling down the cookies.

 Put 1 teaspoon of chocolate in the middle of the cookie.



8. Gently overlay with another cookie.


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