Dough Sheeter RS101

Smaller and lighter than RS201, RS101 is perfect for home bakers who want to create small, high-quality pastries from the comfort of their kitchens. It's easily disassembled and can be stored in a tote bag or in your kitchen.



・Can be used on any flat surface

・Easy to set up and take apart

・Manual operation (no electricity is required)

・Recommended amount of the dough at a time is ~500g

・Thickness adjustable range 0 ~17.5mm

・Comes with a storage tote bag

・Made in Japan

Sheeter Board


Lightweight and portable, the SB-03 Sheeter Board is tailored for casual home bakers. Despite its lightness, it provides ample support for achieving perfectly rolled dough. Ideal for those who value convenience and ease of use. This board, the shortest of our offerings, can handle up to 300g of dough at a time.

Sheeter Board


Our latest addition, the SB-05 Sheeter Board combines durability with convenience. Its layered structure ensures sturdiness while maintaining a manageable size. Perfect for users seeking a balance between durability and portability. Longer than the SB-03, it can handle up to 500g of dough at a time.